Fostering Your Success

Arbor Point Advisors’ goal is to foster your success by offering robust advisory programs that allow you to design portfolios to meet the needs of each of your clients.

Flexible Investment Advisory Solutions

This flexible asset management platform allows you to apply your own portfolio management skills and leave the back office administration like billing and generating performance reports to Arbor Point Advisors. You and your client develop the financial strategy that best satisfies his or her investment objectives. Arbor Point Advisors provides support services, including record-keeping and investment product offerings.

Investment Products

Choose investments consistent with your client's investment policy statement from our extensive list of approved products, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds and preferred and common stock. Data on positions, transactions, prices, corporate actions, and cost basis is downloaded daily – even on Saturday – and completely reconciled. Efficiently rebalance and trade using our integrated trade engine. Rebalance across an entire household to use tax-efficient asset allocation, or just rebalance models tied to accounts.

Separate Account Access

This open-architecture, managed account platform empowers you to offer a wide array of separately managed account solutions. Deliver institutional-caliber investment management services by leveraging third-party investment managers covering all asset classes, market capitalizations and investment styles. You will also gain flexibility in how you design your clients’ portfolios by selecting from a comprehensive suite of investment managers and styles.

Direct Access to Third-Party Money Managers

This program is ideal when you need money-management support for mutual funds and variable annuities or turnkey asset management using institutional money managers for stock and bond portfolios. Approved third-party money management programs are available to investment advisor representatives of Arbor Point Advisors. You have flexibility in designing your clients’ portfolios by selecting from a comprehensive suite of investment managers and strategies.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the fastest-growing segments of the financial services industry. The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the complexity of their financial lives; they want expert advice and they're willing to pay for it. Financial planning differentiates you from your competition, and studies have shown client retention and assets per client are higher when clients have a plan. Because Arbor Point Advisors knows the positive impact of generating a financial plan for your clients, we provide you services and tools for offering financial planning to your clients.