State-of-the-Art Transition Processes Personalized to Your Needs

Arbor Point Advisors understands the transition process sets the tone for what you and your clients can expect from us. We’re committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure your transition is as seamless and easy as possible, starting with our state-of-the-art paperless onboarding system. Our Transition Team has years of industry experience backed by a strong knowledge of all the inner workings of Arbor Point Advisors. Your personal transition consultant will work with you, coaching you on the best practices of transition. Each practice is unique in some way, so with every new financial professional, every effort is taken to ensure the best experience possible.

Once you have evaluated all of your options and made the decision to affiliate with Arbor Point Advisors, you will receive a welcome kit that will include a number of tools to aid in managing the process, including a comprehensive Transition Guide. We understand the challenges and needs resulting from a transition, and we’ll be there to support you each step along the way.

Creating and implementing the most efficient transition process tailored to you is the first step in a long-term strategic partnership focused on the needs of your practice. Our Transition Checklist has all of the details to help you get started. Transitions generally last through the first three months that you are effective with Arbor Point Advisors.

What you can expect during your transition:

  • Streamlined transition process with Arbor Point Advisors’ electronic onboarding technology
  • Transition plans developed especially for you and your staff that support the needs of your practice to effectively conduct your business
  • Access to Arbor Point Advisors subject matter experts and programs
  • Regular consultations to ensure ongoing progress
  • Training and educational resources